Barbara Caveng, Neuköllner Sozialparkett, 2011

Khaled Barakeh, USA UD A VIETNAM, Schablone & Sprühlack, 2013

Friederike Hamann, Konstellation I und II, 2014

Laura McLardy, Line of Least Resistance, 2014

AAArchitecture is a program for the realization of site-specific artworks that rethink the connection of Art And Architecture. Since 2011 District invites artists to react to the architectonic, urban and socio-spatial characteristics of buildings through various artistic media and processes.

In the long-term art projects of this program, contemporary artistic working methods find their expression in different constellations of sculpture, artistic research, performance, social practice, new media, design, street art or conceptual art.

# 1 Barbara Caveng: Neukölln Social Parquet

# 2 Discoteca Flaming Star: Banner Study for an Agora

# 3 Julius von Bismarck: Public Face

# 4 Jana Gunstheimer: Genie (Labor)

# 5 Khaled Barakeh: Transmigrations

# 6 Friederike Hamann: Constellation I and II

# 7 Luis Berríos-Negrón: Nonsphere XIV

# 8 Laura McLardy: Line of Least Resistance

# 9 Julian Weber: Constructing Ruins

#10 Raumschiff Marzahn

#11 Felix Kiessling: Vertikale